Thursday, 21 November 2013

Why to switch from GroupWise to Lotus Notes?

Let’s suppose you recently switched your job to some other organization and took the emails folder with you in your new organization. Further let’s assume that your previous organization was using Group Wise email client whereas your new organization is using Lotus Notes email client.

In this situation, you can access your previous emails only in case you migrate from Group Wise to Lotus Notes.

Though there is a genuine reason for you to migrate from Group Wise to Lotus Notes, Lotus Notes email client has several beneficial features due to which many organizations prefer to migrate from GroupWise to Lotus Notes.

Let’s take up them one by one:

  • Work Offline: Lotus Notes enables you to work in the offline mode.
  • Easy Customization: This simply means that you can customize your email sending rules, email receiving rules, profiles, etc.
  • Security: As compared to other email clients, Lotus Notes provides a higher level of security to your data.
  • Web Publishing: This simply means that you can browse or edit information of Lotus Notes database on the web as well.
  • Updated Modification Log: Lotus Notes maintains a modification log for any updates done to the document.
  • Includes graphics, videos, and sound: Along with the regular text, a Lotus Notes document can have graphics, videos and sound.

After understanding the above-mentioned benefits of Lotus Notes, you must be convinced as to why a user would like to migrate from GroupWise to Lotus Notes.

Now let’s understand as to how can you migrate from GroupWise to Lotus Notes?

With the help of a professional and efficient GroupWise to Lotus Notes migration tool, you can easily and flawlessly convert GroupWise to Lotus Notes.

A number of third party GroupWise to Lotus Notes tools are available in the market. You must carefully choose the one that suits your requirements.

In case you feel a bit confused in your selection of the tool, we suggest you to download and work on the free trial version of the tool. Working on the free trial version would get you a fair idea about the features, functionality, and performance of the tool. Once you feel confident about a tool, you can go ahead and purchase the tool.

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