Thursday, 21 November 2013

Requirement to migrate from GroupWise to Exchange

To get well familiar with various regular technological changes and at the same time adopting the available email client in the organization, one got to look for a proper email migration. One of the forms of email migration is GroupWise to Exchange in which GroupWise mailboxes are transferred to Exchange Server to access them with MS Outlook. With the continuous evolvement in features of Exchange Server, many organizations prefer it to save time, money, and make email communication simple & faster. This is the reason why they perform GroupWise to Exchange migration.

Can connectivity is established between GroupWise and Exchange Server?

Yes, connectivity can be established between GroupWise & Exchange Server to access GroupWise emails with Exchange Server. Exchange Server connector for GroupWise is used to establish connectivity between GroupWise and Exchange Server. Here, you might be thinking that if GroupWise data can be accessed with Exchange Server using the Exchange Server connector for GroupWise then what is the need to perform GroupWise to Exchange Migration.

Need to perform GroupWise to Exchange Migration

Even though, Exchange Server connector for GroupWise allows accessing GroupWise data with Exchange Server, organizations prefer migrating data. What is the reason behind that? The reason is quite simple. When you use the Exchange Server connector for GroupWise, you need to configure both GroupWise and Exchange Server i.e. both of them will work in co-ordination, which does not reduce the organizational cost, the main factor behind performing the migration.

How to migrate emails from GroupWise to Exchange Server?

When the organization is not ready to use Exchange Server connector for GroupWise, the only solution left to access GroupWise data with Outlook is GroupWise to Exchange Server like Kernel for GroupWise to Exchange.

Kernel for GroupWise to Exchange is the fantabulous tool, which has made email migration fast and impeccable. Designed with the purpose of simplifying GroupWise to Exchange Server migration, the software is embedded with several features that are listed below:
  • Simple and intuitive graphical user interface
  • Migrates single as well as multiple GroupWise mailboxes to Exchange Server
  • Supports all versions of GroupWise and Exchange Server
  • Supports all versions of Windows operating systems
  • Either converts GroupWise mailboxes to PST file or migrates them to Exchange Server
Please check this link for more information about the software:


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