Monday, 25 November 2013

When you must use GroupWise to PST migration tool?

These days, whenever we talk about performing communication in a corporate environment, email is the first preference that we all generally refer to. It is the most vital mode that assists employee in performing day-to-day communication in every organization. And, if we talk in context of mailing server, then in present scenario migrating emails from GroupWise to Exchange is turning out to be very common practice. Every next organization where Novell GroupWise Server was installed is looking to migrate from Novell GroupWise to Exchange Server. 

Well, the reasons for GroupWise to PST migration vary from one organization to another. But, the most common reason for migrating from Novell GroupWise to PST platform is the level of complexity involved in the Novell GroupWise Server. Besides this, unfamiliarity and sharing capabilities of Novell GroupWise Server along with its maintenance costs are other reasons that are forcing many leading organizations migrate from Novell GroupWise to Exchange Server. Every individual that use email application look for ease of functionality, but Novell GroupWise very often fails to live-up to their anticipation. Besides this, taking backup of the GroupWise users’ mailboxes is also a unique and time consuming procedure. 

Now, these days where emails are considered as the most vital constituent of every organizational communication system, it becomes quite important that every complexity that somehow relates to GroupWise to PST platform must be tackled effectively. Though, there is option of following a manual method for transferring users’ mailboxes from GroupWise to PST platform, but it can be too time-consuming. Apart from this, just in case if any setback occurs in the email migration process, then data may get lost. And, any loss of data could further leave the system administrator in a dreadful condition. Luckily, today with the availability of GroupWise to PST migration tool like Kernel for GroupWise to Exchange tool, you can always perform such similar tasks effortlessly and effectively. 

This Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange Server facilitates you in having a successful migration of multiple mailboxes from Novell GroupWise to Exchange Server promptly and in just few mouse clicks. Perhaps, the most remarkable feature of this it supports Unicode Character Conversion in a most flawless manner. Adding to this, the software possesses ability to convert emails, attachments, contacts, folders, documents, checklist, and cabinet of User mailboxes. Its effectiveness doesn’t ends here; perhaps it even provides complete support to convert single Novell GroupWise Mailbox to PST file and migrating multiple Novell GroupWise mailboxes. Moreover, you can also avail its demo version as well. The demo version of this tool can be very handy in analyzing the features of the utility. Visit here :


  1. It is more reliable an advance software. It can convert Multiple Mailboxes simultaneously in a single click. You can also download free trial version.

  2. This application has made the migration process easier. The software has multiple features, which can be used while migrating mailboxes from GroupWise to PST


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